AAS AEB Investigating AAS Members

This content was originally published on The Astronomy Underground Facebook page.  To avoid struggling with the astronomy SJW group attempting to ban that page in order to suppress this information, the material has been republished here.  This is an email forwarded to the The Astronomy Underground from a member of the community.  The email is a forwarded message from Gina Quan, a graduate student at the University of Maryland, who in turn forwarded a message from Alice Olmstead, another graduate student from the University of Maryland.  The message indicates that Kim Coble of the AAS AEB is collecting this information.

The text of the email soliciting investigative information on the Slaters (both of them) is given, followed by a screenshot.


From: ginaisanerd@gmail.com <ginaisanerd@gmail.com> on behalf of Gina Quan <gina.m.quan@gmail.com>
Sent: Friday, January 15, 2016 10:45 AM
Subject: Collecting info about Slaters/ Astro SH
Hi folks,
I received this message from Alice Olmstead <alice.rose.olmstead@gmail.com> regarding taking action against the Slaters. Please feel free to pass it along to any others who may have been affected.
My thoughts are with you in these difficult times.
Hi Gina,
If you feel comfortable passing this along to whoever was sharing stories about the Slaters at AAPT, the Astronomy Education Board of the AAS is collecting evidence about them in order to write a statement from the AAS and/or that people in the community can sign regarding future interactions with the Slaters (or lack thereof, we hope). Obviously no pressure for those people, but if you get the impression that they want to be part of the organizational-scale conversation I think that would be a good outlet. Kim Coble is on the board and says people can contact her confidentially at 773-203-5363.


Collecting Info on Slaters